Top Free 8 AI Tools That Are Better Than Chat GPT Online

Discover the rising popularity of Chat GPT as a versatile tool for various purposes. However, this article unveils 6 exceptional AI tools that surpass Chat GPT in functionality, efficiency, and innovation. Stay ahead with the latest advancements in AI technology.

1. Krisp AI

Krisp AI is a powerful platform leveraging Vocal Productivity AI to enhance your online meetings. Its advanced Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant features maximize meeting efficiency. With Free and Pro plans, individuals can benefit from Krisp’s noise-canceling technology, eliminating background noise during calls. The app also provides valuable insights from your calls, facilitating continuous improvement in communication skills. Boost your productivity with Krisp AI and enjoy crystal-clear online meetings.

2. Compose AI

Do you experience writer’s block? Don’t let it continue to limit your productivity or cause project delays. Introducing Compose AI, a potent Chrome extension made by professionals. You may write more effectively and save up to 40% of your time with its AI-powered autocompletion and text generating features. Now that you have the Compose AI Chrome extension, you can write faster and with auto-complete anywhere.

3. Codeium

Introducing Codeium, the ultimate coding superpower! Unleash the potential of modern development with this free AI-powered toolkit. With lightning-fast speeds and top-notch suggestions, Codeium accelerates your coding in 70+ languages. Enjoy the benefits of autocomplete, chat, and search features, and experience the amazing Codeium Chat, where you can converse with a chatbot directly in your IDE. Say goodbye to slow coding and hello to efficient productivity. Get Codeium now and ship your projects faster than ever.

4. ElevenLabs

Introducing ElevenLabs, the leading provider of cutting-edge Text to Speech and Voice Cloning software. With our advanced AI model, creators and publishers can now generate incredibly realistic and captivating spoken audio in any language and style. Our software’s unmatched fidelity replicates human intonation and adjusts delivery based on context. While not free, Eleven Labs remains accessible, revolutionizing storytelling tools. However, the software’s ability to mimic real voices has sparked ethical debates, with critics highlighting potential deepfake implications.

5. Glasp

Glasp: The Ultimate YouTube Study Tool! Highlight, tag, and summarize valuable content effortlessly. Glasp, a free Chrome Extension, provides colored highlighting options and automatic curation for your convenience. Ideal for students and educators, Glasp makes studying and researching online a breeze. Accessible as a browser extension, enhance your learning experience with Glasp today.

6. Monica

Introducing Monica, a versatile AI assistant powered by ChatGPT. Accessible as a Chrome and Microsoft Edge extension, Monica can assist you with various tasks. Engage in contextual discussions, gain writing inspiration, and enjoy features like translation, summarization, and explanation of website content. With over 80 templates, effortlessly create SEO-friendly and unique copywriting. Monica is your reliable chat support and copywriting assistant, offering a free trial and upgrade options.

7. Langotalk

Enhance your language learning journey using Langotalk’s AI chat-based tools. Unlock personalized features, absolutely free! Chat seamlessly and expedite progress. With 8 language options, earn achievements and accolades. Harness the power of cutting-edge AI models endorsed by leading language institutions. Transform your skills with Langotalk, recommended by the best.

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8. Promptbox

Introducing PromptBox, a user-friendly Chrome plugin designed to simplify your AI prompt management. With PromptBox, you can effortlessly save, organize, and share your prompts with a simple drag and drop feature. This versatile tool supports popular applications like ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney, and more, ensuring compatibility for all your needs. Join over 2500 satisfied users and revolutionize your prompt organization today.

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