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Rich Dad Poor Dad Full Book Review

Welcome back to another wonderful post of bycraz hunt in this post you have to learn the amazing information about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, learn top lessons from this book and also you can download a free PDF of Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

You people must know that from the very beginning, the Rich Dad Poor Dad book is very popular and everyone wants to understand and read it. This book explains how you can manage more for your business. 

If you people are more interested in reading the book, then I have put this book for you on this website for free from where you will be able to download this book for free.

How did you guys feel after reading this wonderful post, definitely tell your thoughts in the comment section.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Introduction.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a very famous book written by a famous book writer, Robot Kiyosaki, who was a citizen of America. This book is so famous that almost 32 million copies of this book have been sold in 51 languages and this book was first published by Robot Kiyasaki in 1997.

In this book, you will get to read most of the things about personal finance and how to manage your business. It has also been told completely in this book.

You will get this book of 200 pages and in this 200 pages, the people will get only one simple thing and that is that the advice of assets and liabilities has been given, what are assets and liabilities.

Assets means which gives money for long term like stocks and real estate and liabilities means which increases your expenses, it is called liabilities.

Why Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Recommended For Reading By Adults Right Now.

You must be aware that this book is advised by a big businessman, famous YouTuber and young man. Those who want to become rich by moving ahead in their life in real life, they must read this book. Because every type of strategy has been given in this book to become rich and how by investing in the stock market, you can make your life easy after a few years. All these strategies are written in this Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

One question will always arise in your mind and that is, for whom is this book and why should this book be read.

But let me tell you that this book is for those people who are struggling with money problems in their life and do not know how to manage their money for the long term and friends in school and family. There has never been a discussion about money among people, how to manage money, then after reading this book, you will get a solution to every problem.

And this book will teach you every single strategy to control money. When this book was first released by Robot Kiyosaki, it was very much looked at by the public.

Basically in this book, Robot Kiyosaki has given the example of his two fathers, who have been named Rich Dad Poor Dad in this book.

The poor dad, he was very hardworking and very fast in his studies and he was also a professor, but in spite of this, he could not understand the value of money and how money should be used, he did not know very well.

But at the same time, the second father of the writer, who has been addressed as Rich Dad in this book, was only educated till the eighth grade and despite this he was very rich because he knew how to use money in the right direction.

For this reason, the writer’s stepfather, who was addressed as Rich Dad in this book, was very rich even though he was illiterate. 

Because he understood money at every turn and knew very well how it should be used in his life, for this reason the writer’s step father had reached very far in his life and who was the real father of the writer. He could not make true wealth even after studying a lot and working.

For this reason, you must have understood why big YouTuber and big businessmen often ask to read this book.

What Is The Main Business Strategy Of The Rich Dad Poor Dad Book?

In this book you will get to see a lot of business strategy from which I will tell you a business strategy.

More than 90% people are either employed or self employed and 10% people do business or investment but 10% people hold money of 90% people. You guys can guess from this how much power is there in business.

Many people think that to make more money, we need more money, only then we can move forward, but according to Robot Kiyosaki, we can become rich only if we do not have much money, only we have financial knowledge.

Must be about money. In this way we can control money by looking forward and backward. Robot Kiyosaki has focused on three things to control money. The first one is the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.

Top 5 Lessons That You Have To Learn From This Book.

(a). The first lesson is that we should never run away from challenges, but we should face them firmly and we should look for opportunities in the same challenges. Don’t wait for opportunities. Opportunity is waiting for you.

(b). According to Robot Kiyosaki, his own father used to work, but at the end of the month, he did not have that much money and his stepfather, who had only studied till high school, still had a lot of money left with him. The reason for this was that he used to focus on acquiring his assets and how money could be controlled, he knew everything, so in this book the name of Rich Dad is given to Robot Kiyosaki’s stepfather.

(c) The third lesson is that we should always take risks in our life, only then we will be able to climb the ladder of success because in today’s time you will get to see risk at every turn. In this book, Robot Kiyosaki says that if we want to create wealth in our lives, then we have to learn to take risks, so you need to take calculated risks.

(d). The fourth lesson is that we should take a little knowledge about personal finance in our life so that we can manage money well and this money will be useful in the future. It is very important to have knowledge of four things in personal finance. It is like basic accounting, second investing, third we should have basic knowledge about the financial market and fourth we should have little knowledge about tax.

(e). The Fifth lessons is that you will not be able to create more wealth for yourself by working your whole life for others.

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Top 6 Rules You Have To Learn From These Books To Become A Rich Man.

6 important rules have been given in this book, with the help of which you can increase your wealth and these 6 rules are going to be very useful in your life.

(a). Rich don’t work for money, money works for them.

(b). It is easy to make money but difficult to keep and grow.

(c). It is important to have side income along with your job.

(d). Knowing how the taxes work.

(e). The rich invent money.

(f). People who create wealth are constantly learning.

This is an important point, you must definitely read it in the book.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Full Book Summary In Hindi With Video.

If you guys want to listen to the full book summary in Hindi, then you can listen by clicking on the YouTube button given below.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Full Book Summary In English With Video.

If you guys want to listen to the full book summary in English, then you can listen by clicking on the YouTube button given below.

rich dad poor dad

Review From My Side Of This Book.

I read this book and according to me this book teaches a lot of things that how to create a wealth by looking at everything in your life, for long term you get to learn many more things like how to invest in assets  Can increase from and how to manage the liability so that no one is going to be a problem going forward.


I have tried to explain everything about this book in front of you through this article and I have also focused on important points in this article.

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