Crown Castle Inc (CCI) Stock Price Prediction 2025

Crown Castle Inc (CCI) Stock Price Prediction 2025

Would you think about investing in Crown Castle Inc. (CCI) stock? As you can see, during the last few months, CCI’s stock price has dropped. Based on the share price history, CCI stock performed well when it was originally made available to the public in 1998. The price of a single share has increased from its original $13 to $116 recently.

We’ll discuss whether or not this stock will motivate you to invest as well as its possible share price. This article goes into great detail on the 2025 stock price prediction for Crown Castle Inc. (CCI). CCI’s pricing estimate takes into account supply, demand, market trends, and technological advancements.

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Crown Castle Inc (CCI) Stock Price Prediction 2025

Regarding the future price forecast for Crown Castle Inc. (CCI) for the year 2025, based on an analysis of market patterns, the share’s maximum price is $252, its average price is around $203, and its minimum price is $154.

This price projection is based on an examination of market trends and takes into account several aspects, including

  • Historical results for this stock.
  • Rising smartphone use, rising data consumption, and the introduction of 5G and other next-generation technologies.
  • Anthony Melone was appointed as the new CEO.
MonthCCI Minimum PriceCCI Average PriceCCI Maximum Price
Crown Castle Inc (CCI) Stock Price Prediction 2025

Crown Castle Inc (CCI) Stock Technical Analysis

This stock’s technical analysis indicates whether or not the stock is strong for buyers.

Trend Evaluation:

  • Present Pattern: Mean
  • Levels of Support: $100, $90
  • Levels of Resistance: $140, $133

Technical Indicators:

  • Use the MACD to identify trends: Bullish market insights
  • Invest Wisely: Understanding RSI: Neutral
  • Price Bounce Blueprint: For assistance, identify critical levels at $85, $110, $125, $127, and $133.

Chart Analysis:

  • Right now, the price is leveling off around $117.
  • The bullish MACD indicator indicates that the general trend is continuing rising.
  • The stock appears to be neither overbought nor oversold, as shown by the neutral RSI indicator.
  • Potential support and resistance levels in the upcoming months are indicated by the Fibonacci retracement levels.

Potential Scenarios for 2025:

Bullish Scenario:

  • The price rises over the resistance level at $133 and moves further toward the $140 mark.
  • The RSI indicator enters overbought area while the MACD indicator stays positive.
  • There is a sustained period of significant rising momentum for the stock.

Neutral Scenario:

  • The price stays in the $100–$133 range.
  • The MACD indicator alternates between indications that are bullish and negative.
  • Although there are volatile moments for the stock, the general tendency is downward.


Why is CCI and amt stock down?

There are several factors for the fall of this stock like inflation, Rising interest rates, economic slowdown, and rise of competitors in the market.

Why is CCI stock down?

The reasons behind of falling of this stock are macroeconomic factors, Rising interest rates, and economic slowdown.

How many towers does crown castle own?

According to the current report Crown Castle owns more than 40,000 cell towers across the United States in which Cell Towers: 40,000+, Small Cells: 115,000+, Route Miles of Fiber: 85,000+.

Who is the supply chain director at Crown Castle?

Meet David Doty, the Supply Chain Management Director at Crown Castle in Charleston, SC. Collaborating with him are skilled professionals like Brooke White, the Strategic Sourcing Director, Dan Regan, the Supply Chain Director, and Nicola Bladel, the Manager of Supply Chain Operations. Elevate your supply chain with our expert team!

Who owns Crown Castle?

Crown Castle Inc. (NYSE: CCI) is mostly owned by big investors, with 92.54% control over shares.

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